Today’s update: Monday’s and Tuesday’s are my long days at work. I usually have meetings on Mondays and work a few hours late on Tuesday getting the paper ready for the press. Consequently, these are the nights I’m most likely to skip workouts.

Tonight, I didn’t skip. I haven’t done any research but I’m pretty sure this is a godawful pace for using a bike instead of running, but I hope to pick up the pace by the end of the year.

I started biking instead of walking last week when I realized that I’ve pretty much topped out on how fast I can walk in the space I have available.

I’d love to run and be a true Runner 5, but I don’t have a convenient place to do that. So, I’m hoping cycling will be what I need. What I need is a routine I can do that will let me push myself and improve. Faster, further, make those number climb. My walking pace and distance all more than doubled from January to October using ZR!. It’ll be interesting to see how much my cycling will improve from today’s stats as a pure novice to what they’ll be a year from now.

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