I got a new personal best for the longest time on the bike and longest distance. (Yeah, I know. Hard to do one with the other.) I’m feeling too all around about this week. I expected to blow my diet this week since I was on vacation. Normally, I’d go through a bag of chips a day but I held myself to under 1,500 calories  a day and didn’t miss a workout and actually lost weight.

Walking in Middle Earth

So I’ve never denied being a nerd. Tonight, I am a proud nerd. I have finally done it. I have reached Rivendale. It took 108 days of walking, jogging and biking, but I’ve covered the 458 miles from Bag End to Rivendale.

And I’m about to start the long, 462 mile trek from RIvendale to Lothlorien. I’m expecting it to go much more quickly.

When I first began this journey, I was walking each night with Zombies, Run! I walked an hour a night in July for about three miles. In September, I was getting between 4-6 miles a night and walking between an hour and a hour and a half. In October, I started cycling at about six miles in 40 minutes. That’s now up to 10 miles in 45 minutes.

I’ve lost about 18 pounds along the way, but more importantly, I feel a lot better and have a lot more stamina and I feel a lot better about myself.

So I’m looking forward to the next part of the trip.

Walking in Middle Earth

HabitRPG | Gamify Your Life

I’m sure almost everyone who’s seen my blog is familiar with Zombies, Run! and The Walk. They’re both excellent games that help you get up off the coach and move around.The only limitation I would say these games might have is that they’re best suited to walking, running or cycling.

I wanted to share some info on a resource that’s a bit more broad it in its approach to hacking your life. HabitRPG is designed to essentially help you evolve by turning your life into a video game.

To get started, you visit the website create a character and then decide what you want your goals to be. If you look at my character and his tasks, you see I’m concerned with writing, cycling and fitness.

Tasks can be set up in three categories:

Habits: Things you want to do more often (or things you want to stop doing).

Dailies: Things you want to do every day or once a week, etc.

To Dos: Longer term goals you want to work toward.

Complete a task and you get gold and experience. You level up and can buy better equipment with it. Fail to complete a task and you lose hit points. Your character can die. It happens. But sometimes, that’s the little kick I need to get me up and about to finish a task.

You can eventually choose a class, warrior, mage, rogue or healer. You can join guilds, form parties and go on quests. There’s a lot do do there and I’m still learning but I thought I’d pass this on because if you’re the type of person (like me) who likes to get a pat on the back and bit of reward when you meet a goal, you’ll enjoy this.

If you’re even slightly OCD, you might want to stay away from this site. It will end you.

HabitRPG | Gamify Your Life