#stayaliveoctober Introduction

I’m old. I’m slow. But I’m going to survive.

My name’s Darryl. I’m a 50-year-old Louisiana native and I try to do at least a 5k a day, which normally takes about an hour. My goal for the month is to walk/jog/run at least 5k (3.6 miles) every day. That usually takes me around an hour. I’m hoping to get that up to 10k on Wednesdays and weekends because those are the days I’ve got more time to fight zombies.

My personal choice of weapon for fighting zombies is a something along the lines of a German hirschfanger, Russian kindjal or nordic shortsword. Essentially, a stabbing blade that’s somewhere between a long knife and a short sword.

I’ve gotten serious about getting fit because I turned 50 in June and realized I had already screwed up my original retirement plan of dying young. So, now I’m just trying to stay mobile in my old age.

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