Now that I’ve finished my virtual mission from my home to Miskatonic University, I’m starting a new one. This mission will retrace the route of a Knight Templar riding from le Pont Neuf in Paris to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It’s 2,980 and I hope to finish it in under 300 days. The photo above is of the starting point.

My Virtual Mission

I was killing this until my fitness program hit a long, dark night of the soul around the beginning of January. I’m not a winter person.

The thing is when I first set the distance and time goal, some 290 days ago, I was cutting it close. I’d have to do my average distance per day, every single day to make it on time. Now, 290 days later, my average distance has doubled. Even a bad workout today is more than my top distance was when I started.

So, in less ¾ of a year, I’ve improved from worrying I’d make it at all to being almost three months head of schedule. I think that’s improvement. I don’t see it day to day, but when I look at something like this long term, I can literally see how far I’ve come on this particular journey.