Code of Conduct

This text is taken from the original Negative Confession in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It’s been abridged for those who’d like the code of conduct, but find the names of the confessors to be tedious. I also deleted the commandment “I have not carried away the khenfu cakes from the Spirits of the dead” and removed a couple of redundancies. (Once you said, “I have not stolen,” that should cover the specific items you swear not to have stolen in other verses.) While the simplified code is perhaps easier to read and more relevant to the modern, western world, I’ve also included the full text on my site as well for those who’d like to compare them.

Truthfully make the following confession before going to bed each night and you’ll be a saint within the week.

I have not committed sin.
I have not committed robbery with violence.
I have not stolen.
I have not slain men and women.
I have not purloined offerings.
I have not uttered lies.
I have not carried away food.
I have not uttered curses.
I have not committed adultery.
I have not lain with men.
I have made none to weep.
I have not eaten the heart.
I have not attacked any man.
I am not a man of deceit.
I have not stolen cultivated land.
I have not been an eavesdropper.
I have not slandered [no man].
I have not been angry without just cause.
I have not debauched the wife of any man.
I have not polluted myself.
I have terrorized none.
I have not transgressed [the law].
I have not been wroth.
I have not shut my ears to the words of truth.
I have not blasphemed.
I am not a man of violence.
I have not been a stirrer up of strife.
I have not acted with undue haste.
I have not pried into matters.
I have not multiplied my words in speaking.
I have wronged none, I have done no evil.
I have not worked witchcraft against the king.
I have never stopped [the flow of] water.
I have never raised my voice.
I have not cursed God.
I have not acted with arrogance.
I have not stolen the bread of the gods.
I have not snatched away the bread of the child.

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