A mysterious package

WeddingInvitation Upon returning home from work today, I found a mysterious package on my doorstep.

Literally. The mail carrier had slipped it between the screen and the door as is her habit when packets arrive.

Upon opening it, I discovered a newspaper and four odd artifacts. One was a government pamphlet on how to survive a nuclear holocaust, which I suppose is always a helpful thing. Sadly, the advice seems a bit outdated. There was also a note from her grace, Duchess Anna Sophia AbsinthSpoonMerguez, an invitation to the launch of some charity she was backing. The third was a wedding invitation which I have reproduced above. And, of course, the most charming of the four items, also shown here, an absinth spoon bearing the mark of Hill’s Absinth … a company which makes and markets absinth in the original Czech fashion. On the reverse side of the spoon, the symbol of a certain secret society is engraved.

They’ve already added one bit of information to an ongoing mystery, but I’m afraid they may have raised more questions than they’ve answered.

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