A personal flag

The Flag of the House of Riser

More than the sum of its parts.

I’ve been obsessed with symbols lately. So many people are rallying around flags and symbols which speak to them, representing their heritage and the ideals in which they believe.

I keep coming back to the question, If I were represented by a flag, what would it look like?

This banner you see here is the answer to that question.

My battle flag consists of a magnolia blossom at the junction of a gold Nordic cross against a field of black and white. There’s a variety of symbolism involved: the German roots of my ancestry represented by the Nordic cross and the Southern roots by the magnolia. The flower at the center of the cross also has overtones of the western esoteric tradition which I’ve studied my entire adult life.

The black and white field represents the Templar Beauseant as well as the the black ink and white paper of my profession, and not coincidentally, the white pages and black ink of the books which were my first friends and have been my most loyal companions throughout my life.

Together, it’s more than the sum of its parts. Overall, I’m pretty proud of it. I’d ride into battle beneath it.

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