Zombies, Run! Season 4

I am ridiculously happy that Zombies, Run! Season 4 is out today. I actually skipped my morning workout so that I could do it after work with the new app. So far, I’ve run 1,320  miles over the first three seasons. And if you add up the time I’ve spent a total of 9 days and 21 hours running strictly playing this game. That’s 277 total runs with an average distance of 4.7 miles per run and an average run time of 51.2 minutes per run. My longest run was 21.4 miles. To put that in perspective, in  Season 1, I was walking and averaging about a mile in 30 minutes. By the middle of season 3, I getting about 4-6 miles in an hour and had decided I needed a better workout than walking/jogging and didn’t like what running was doing to my knees. So, season 4 will be the first time I’ve done a full season on a bike. It should be interesting to see what kind of stats I pick up and especially how much my cycling has grown from the 7.5 miles in 30 minutes I’m averaging now by this time next year.

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