Only cheap people have cash bars at their wedding. I wouldn’t want to go to your wedding.




Good, I wouldn’t want you there anyways because weddings are not about the fucking alcohol, they are about celebrating two people in love who just made the commitment to spend the rest of their life together.

Really????  Ugh

Cash bars are the norm around here.  I mean, if I can’t appreciate a $2 beer or glass of wine while I celebrate the new couple, then I’m there for the wrong reason.  I’ve only been to one open bar before and it was the most destructive and disgusting mess by about 11 pm…. people puking and fighting and being real dumb. 

I’ve had the SAME exact experience with an open bar before too. Like if you want to get drunk, go out and party it up after the reception.

I personally don’t want the liability of someone driving drunk or destroying the artifacts in the museum we are getting married in.

Anyone who is going to a wedding with the express purpose of getting drunk and throwing up in the parking lot, should probably be willing to pay for his own alcohol. After all, the happy couple invited you to a big room full of chicks all dressed up and thinking about romance. Expecting the couple  to pay to get the bridesmaids all liquored up so you’ll have a better chance of picking one up is just being greedy. Be a man. Do some of the work yourself.

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