Double your pace. Take a bike.

I finally had to admit today that I’m never going to beat a 15 minute mile by walking. So, I’ve got two choices. I can either just keep increasing the time and distance I walk or I can do something different.

Increasing distance just isn’t realistic, since that means increasing the time I spend walking and I just don’t have more than an hour a night.

Running is out since I don’t have anywhere to run without driving half an hour. So, today I decided cycling may be the way to go. I have to admit 40 minutes on the bike took more out of me than two hours of walking and I actually covered more distance.

Now that I’ve established my base speed as 12.25 miles an hour, I just need to determine what my new goal is. Anybody know what I should be trying to work up to by the end of the year? 

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