Apple to introduce new device for toddlers

Steve Jobs announced today that Apple will introduce it’s newest device next week.

Dubbed the iSketch, the tablet-size device will revolutionize the graphic toy industry.

Rather than the two knobs used by the old-fashioned Etch-A-Sketch, the iSketch will feature a touch screen in which magnetized iron filings follow the users fingers around the screen.

“Why should children be chained to using two knobs to draw lines?” Jobs asked. “Have you ever tried to draw a diagonal line on an Etch-A-Sketch? It’s freakin’ hard.”

To make things even simpler, Jobs said all drawings created on the iSketch must conform to patterns downloaded from the iTunes store.

“Children may browse from the thousands of available images, download them to their iSketch and then trace them,” Jobs said.

The iSketch will only be available in black, although a source at Apple suggested a white version might be available in five years. The employee also hinted that a version with a color screen is also in the works, under the name iBrite.

“The screen will have 16 colors instead of black and grey and instead of tracing the lines, you’ll just kind of poke the touch screen where you want to put colored dots,” the spokesperson said.

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